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Brought To you by The World's #1 Team Of Social & Personal Development Experts
Owen Cook, Julien Blanc, Madison & Jeffy
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How Different Would Your Life Be
If You Became Your DREAM Self?

These Four Days Are Packed With Strategies That Are  Responsible For Making Epic Businesses
That Have Grown In The Face Of Uncertainty, Built Followings Of Millions Of Raving Fans & Created Social Lives
That Most Can Only Dream About... 

And Now We're Revealing The Intricate Details Of Every Key Pillar Of Life That Will Allow Anyone
To Seriously Explode Past Their Ceiling Of Success In This 4 Day Intensive World Summit...

From The Desk of Owen Cook

If you’d like the freedom to make your own decisions, the skillset to create and build any business and windfalls of social confidence to command and hold attention 'like a natural' wherever you go...

Then this might be the most important opportunity you’ve come across to-date…

And in a minute I’ll share why.

But, before I do… I must warn you..

What I’m About To Share
ISN’T For Everyone...

In fact, to-date I’ve only shared these underground strategies with a select group of other ambitious
individuals who will accept nothing less than having a rich and fulfilling social life.

The TRUTH Is That...

While most people struggle to put all the pieces together on growing their dream life, whether that be in their social life, excelling in a world ravaged by pandemic or in their business success

There’s an underground group of us taking advantage of a series of steps and systems that put us in control of any situation we find ourselves in. It allows us to...

Rinse and repeat success with any business venture we put our minds to

Silence the feeling of intimidation and remove social awkwardness when entering a new social setting and instead craft communication skills that allow us to come out on top

Equip Ourselves With Higher Status Paradigms Shifts that allow us to become the most attractive, successful, and social version of ourselves 

Plus, we do this all without having to become extroverted, superficially or situationally confident, or become someone we're not which means we’re not spending our time only to fall into the trap of 'fake it till you make it', these are life long social skills that stand the test of time. 


We have spent many years and millions of dollars in mistakes to compile the lessons we're going to teach at this event.

The world's best personal development, brand building expert... Owen Cook

For 19 years, I suffered from massive social anxiety, I couldn't get a business connection to save my life and that led me to believe that "the life of the successful just wasn't meant for me...

It led me to believe that society was RIGHT...

That I had to get the 16 inch arms, have a solid college degree, and a steady job, the house, the car and the watch, to have a relationship, someone who would consider me worthy of being with them...

And so I went out and got that, by age 23. Owned my own house. Hit the gym and ate disgusting things, just to be able to feel worthy that I could attract the person I wanted to be around.

THEY made me believe I HAD TO, simply because I didn't know what you're about to find out here.

You see, becoming an attractive person in business, life, partnerships and be able to "generate your own reality" (as in, literally live the life that you want to live, with the people you want to enjoy it with), went MUCH deeper than having good social skills.

Today, I Own an 8 Figure Business Living Out My Passion, I Have the Fortune of Having Incredible Relationships of my Choice, and Produce DAILY Massive Opportunities to Continue Expanding My Circles...
... I get to travel the world AND get paid to do it. And enjoy the freedom of time, choice and location very few people get to enjoy.

PLUS, I've successfully taught this to literally every single one of the coaches on my team over 20 years...

...and each and every single one of them went on to become a big brand, generate huge brands each, and have pretty much set them for life.

That's exactly what you're about to learn here at the world summit. Even if you don't have a career, a passion, or feel like you're starting from zero.

I've repeated this process over and over and over with people I've personally mentored, and have gotten the results you're probably already familiar with if you've seen any of them out there.

And one thing's for certain: you simply can't get ALL that, with just social skills alone. We went much deeper than that and have since been fortunate to be able to successfully repeat this process with everyone that we apply it to

But it wasn't always all bells and whistles. Personally, I had to learn that THE HARD AND LONG WAY to finally understand this, in order to reach your true potential in life, you need 4 things:




That's it.

It's the exact same formulas we've used with literally hundreds of clients to turn their lives around.

These are the same formulas that have helped them have much more successful careers, command anywhere from one person audience to hundreds with insane self-reliant authority and confidence, eliminate the "leeching" elements from their lives that suck their energy dry, and to sustain their personal growth by understanding themselves much better and draw energy "from the right place" every single day.

Whether You Want To Build or Grow a Business, Improve The Quality of The People In Your Life, Drastically Enhance the Way You Communicate with Others or Get Ahead in Life and Your Career...

The World Summit Is For YOU!

No Matter What We Tried,
Our Dream Life Didn't Just 'Manifest'
The Way We Are Told It Should

For all of us we at some point were almost at the point where we wanted to give up.

Trial and error, practice and failure.

Money spent on coaches and mentors, money lost. 

The same people showing the same recycled methods 

Watching everyone else around us get the success and life of their dreams...

And here's what we realised..

 That “Knowing About Personal Development Or Business Theory” Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg!

I know, a big shock to personal development junkies everywhere

But after dissecting the entire process…

And realizing that I was going around in circles…

I discovered what most people fail to understand…

Especially because their news feeds are filled with instant gratification and distractions

What if I told you that you don’t have a procrastination problem…

A confidence problem…

Or even a business problem…

Would you believe me?

Better yet…

What if the only thing holding you back from:

Getting the fulfilling social life of your dreams

Building a business that propels and rewards you 

Getting to your dream reality 

Came down to a series of simple well-executed processes.

Like a "scientific formula" kind of process.

To Help You Understand How To ACTUALLY Live The Reality Of Your Dreams...

9 out of 10 times, the reason why most people NEVER get to fulfill their ideal life (emotionally, professionally, romantically, etc) is due to being held back by a lack of skills…

For example: you see that great business opportunity…

Or you see that person you’re really attracted to…

Or you are given a chance to succeed and…

Suddenly we feel the symptoms: Anxiety, Self Doubt, “I’m not good enough

That’s a result of not having the right skills. And they CAN be learned

"The Dream Life Mastery Event Of 2022"

This full on intensive four days of self help, business and social support is unlike any other. You'll be live with us learning the ins and outs of what you need to do next:

How To Live Your Dream Reality Despite Being In The Midst Of A Pandemic

How to stop telling yourself the lies that are keeping you stuck at a certain level

How to use the most effective methods to-date to master social media, build an epic following and a great business

Plus, you’ll even get the opportunity to watch us behind-the-scenes coach, train and transform the audience in front of you LIVE.

These Unorthodox Skills
Have Changed The Lives Of 10,000's Of Every Day People & Turned Them Into Influential Leaders & Business Owners

You can get the “insider access” to them…

And spend a full day with me and my “Secret Weapons”...

All for less than the price of that shiny new object that has your attention...

Watch Last Year's Recap Reel:


When You Get A Ticket To 
Austin World Summit 2022, You’ll Get:

See What's Included In The Tickets Below

General Admission Ticket

General Admission Ticket

A Full four days of social transformation, business blueprints and implementation with Owen, Madion and Julien

The unique experience of getting into a state of mind to grow your dream reality with laser focused attention in a supportive summit environment

The network growth alone at a like-minded event like this is worth ticket price by itself...

Mentoring Session at the end of each day (applying what you learn during the seminar)

Mentoring session a month after to reinforce what you learned and ask new questions that may arise

And The Best Part?

The admission cost to the event is merely a fraction of the amount of value and
even return that these skills can help you generate.

Meet Your Instructors...

Social Media Growth - Higher Levels of Communication to Use in Modern Day 
For a few years now we’ve known the power of using social media. It’s helped grow our network, our company and impact around the world.

But technically, most people who are willing to put in the time, can grow an account relatively easily. The challenge is to learn to inspire, to influence, to create action in the form of a like, a follow, a sale, a commitment or an outreach to start a business, social or romantic connection with you. 

In other words, meaningful impact.  

During this session, I’ll be talking about the higher levels of communication that have allowed myself and my team to grow in all those aspects, and save you years of trial and error, and provide you with opportunities through this space you never thought possible.
Endless Motivation Blueprint - Reprogram Your Mind to Naturally Peruse your Highest Potential
  • What would you do if you didn't have to “convince yourself everyday” to get stuff done? What if you didn’t have to combat laziness or self defeating thoughts day to day in order to get what you want out of the day, let alone out of life?
  •  There was a period in my life where I worked for 4 years straight without taking a SINGLE day off, and even though this isn’t the goal, what’s crazy to know is that I wasn’t burned out, I never complained, I wasn’t craving a vacation. I was DRIVEN by purpose. 
  • We all possess this ability. 
  • We just need the right tools to find it. This session is all the “how-to” you’ll ever need to accomplish any goals you set for yourself. As far into the future as they may seem. Guaranteed.  
20+ Year Higher Status Paradigms Shifts - Becoming the most attractive, successful, and social version of yourself 
Finally, I’m closing this event out with the absolute best High Status paradigm shifts you can take with you, and practice them for the rest of your life only to see how your results with people, with peers, with your goals dramatically improve over time. 

This is how “high value” people, celebs, billionaires “see and experience the world” and because of that, they get the results they get, attract the people they attract and have the success they have. 

I’ve studied and applied this myself for over 20 years, and have broken it down into simple to understand concepts you won’t want to miss. 

Introducing... JULIEN BLANC

The Letting Go Blueprint to Move Up The Status Ladder
  • I’ve been teaching for years the “Art of Letting Go”. 
  • In an industry where literally everyone only teaches you “what it is” and “why it’s there”, I go a step ahead and show you “how to” let go of your past trauma.
  • Creating a forcefield to show you how to stop attracting or fostering toxic relationships, to stop the self sabotage of building wealth, and even 80% of Social Skills, come down to letting go of the negative past.
  • And if you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m always pushing the envelope and challenging realities to see what’s possible… 
  • So at the Austin Summit, I’m going to show you a “higher level” of letting go. 
  • So you learn to inspire and be followed, so you can develop influence, and as a result, be embraced by higher value individuals who only resonate with this level of energy (which is why they’re high status).
Social Skills to Positively Impact On Social Media
  • Beyond just connecting with new people, Social Skills are the skills that will open bigger and bigger doors the more you master them. 
  • One of the great byproducts of learning from what I’ll teach you during this next session, is the ability to make a positive impact in the world. 
  • They help you help others understand your message and generate great impact in your network, which, as a result creates massive opportunities to connect with others on a personal, professional or even romantic way using your Social Media 
Life After Trauma - Using Social Skills, Influence and Connections to Live a Life by Design
  • After my difficult time experiencing heavy trauma 7 years ago...
  • It was do or die for me - I had to start over.
  • In many ways I reinvented myself. Letting go was a cornerstone part of that, which is why I made it my mission to help others do the same.
  • After all this time, I found that, just like letting go is 80% of social skills, it’s also 80% of living a life by design. 
  • Learning to not let your past dictate your life is important, but overcoming it so you can welcome the best things that life has to offer and learn to keep them to build on each other, is HUGE.
  • During this session I will show you how to rethink your life, how you’re going to come out the event completely “self sabotage free” to go get what you want, but have been held back to take action on. 
  • It all comes together in this final speech. 


Life After The Connection - What Comes Next?
  • Throughout the history of the company we’ve shown you how to better connect with people. And a lot of you have successfully created relationships that have changed your life.
  • However for the first time, Madison will share what comes AFTER the connection. Things we don’t necessarily think about but that we could all use guidance on. Things like meeting their friends and family, growing together as a couple, reaching goals as a couple, how to maintain a healthy relationship and keep the neediness out.
  • Madison will cover this and more during his time at Austin

Remember You Can Attend In Person (In Austin)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is The Austin World Summit For?
This event is for ambitious individuals that know there is more to life and want to get the exact blueprint to master all areas of their life from the experts that have been in their shoes before.
Q. Why should I take action and get my event ticket today?
We have a maximum of 120 tickets we are allowed to sell in person to this event. By now at the time of you reading this, a large portion of these are most likely gone. By learning these systems and methodologies, you will be able to identify and harness the most advanced skills in the world. This is a step by step, extremely practical approach to mastering your life. Early bird pricing is also ending very soon whether you buy a VIRTUAL or In Person ticket
Q. What are the dates for the event, and where is it going to be?
The event takes place on September 23rd-25th in Austin Texas.
Q. Can I bring a friend?
Absolutely! Because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.
Q. What do I need to bring?
A smile, a good attitude, and a passion for getting your social life to the next level. The event will be jam-packed with some of the most cutting edge techniques, so make sure to stock up on pens, paper, and something to keep you hydrated throughout the event so you don’t miss anything.
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